about us

Who Are We?

Minds on Math (MoMath) is a registered charity that began as a drop-in centre, offering free lessons and tutoring to marginalized elementary-aged school children focused primarily on Mathematics. We have been collaborating with the local school board for several years and continue to offer free tutoring services by University Students to virtual campuses and schools of underserved communities. Minds on Math has transitioned to a virtual platform due to COVID. We also provide free virtual sessions; Sunday fun drop-in and parental engagement opportunities for marginalized communities. MoMath is more than academic assistance. We believe that by communicating openly with parents about their children's well-being and progress, we are laying a solid foundation to build strong relationships between community members and educators. We want to continue helping families connect beyond academics with other families through fun events (e.g., STEM, art, music, math games).

Why Math?


It is widely accepted that math is a gateway to success, described by researchers as the 'K-12 pipeline'. Access to this gateway is extremely limited for racialized students. Minds on Math wishes to create equitable systems. We are dedicated to meeting the needs, and increasing the well-being and success of each student. We aspire to enhance confidence, increase cultural awareness, and promote mastery-based learning. Students are encouraged to take agency over their learning. We aim to address the overall well-being of our future community leaders.

Achieving Equity

Our society can no longer ignore the systemic injustices and inequities that marginalized people face daily in numerous sectors, one of which is education. Institutional change is necessary, especially for our Black and Indigenous youth. However, we must also take measures today to address the imminent need to reduce risk factors for all students. As a grassroots organization, our primary objectives are outlined more in detail below:

Accessible Education

Minds on Math strives to increase access to educational resources and instruction by providing instructional seminars on relevant topics, including math applications that are fun, creative and engaging. We aim to address accessibility using various modalities, including in-person, online, one-to-one, small and large groups, etc. The technology is now available for students to receive instruction at their own time and pace. Our goal is to ensure that each student can receive personalized feedback and adaptive exercises.

Culturally Appropriate

While providing learning opportunities, our seminars and events also promote cultural and social awareness. We work to combat disengagement and juvenile delinquency, in addition to promoting self-confidence, life skills, and a growth mindset in all youth in a supervised virtual setting.


We also provide a crucial opportunity for educators to delve deeper into the lives of their students. Understanding students' backgrounds, cultures, circumstances, and barriers will help to reduce teacher bias and poor assumptions and also promote student achievement and success.

Growth Mindset

Throughout all our programming, we aim to promote a Growth Mindset in youth that encourages students to engage with challenging situations.

These lessons, however, are also transferable beyond the classroom and into the community. We aim to assist both the youth and adults alike to approach their community with the same mindset, to problem solve, and to become agents of change in their neighbourhoods.

Safe Place

Minds on Math will also work to establish and maintain the facilities, including virtual environments that are safe spaces where all the children can develop their mathematical identity and find new ways to incorporate math into their communities.