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Who are we?

Minds on Math (MoMath) is a registered charity that began as a drop-in centre, offering free lessons and tutoring to marginalized elementary-aged school children focused primarily on Mathematics. We have been collaborating with the local school board for several years and continue to offer free tutoring services by University Students to virtual campuses and schools of underserved communities.

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Tutoring is available upon request for Math, Literacy, Science and many other subjects for all ages.


Our mentors and tutors are committed to enhancing your learning experience. As Ontario Certified Teachers, university and high school students, we work to make complicated information simple and more understandable for students.


"You really can't underestimate

the power of representation"

-Naia Butler-Craig (Honouring Katherine Johnson)

Our youth are in
good hands!

Minds On Math Programing involves the collaboration of Ontario Certified Teachers, qualified young professionals from acclaimed universities, and high achieving secondary students. And our numbers are constantly growing! 

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